Peter G. George

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Peter G. George has been Evolv’s Chief Executive Officer and President since January 2020. Prior to assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer at Evolv, Mr. George served as Chief Commercial Officer of Evolv from February 2019 to December 2019. Prior to joining Evolv, Mr. George served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Fidelis Cybersecurity, a company focused on threat and data breach detection, from March 2008 to August 2019. Mr. George also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Empow Cybersecurity, a company offering intelligent, AI and natural language processing solutions to reduce false positives during threat detection, from March 2018 to November 2018. Mr. George serves on the Board of Directors of Corero Network Security PLC (LON: CNS), including its Compensation Committee, since January 2019. Mr. George received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the College of the Holy Cross in 1981.

Anil R. Chitkara

Co-Founder, Head of Corporate Development

Anil R. Chitkara co-founded Evolv with Michael Philip Ellenbogen July 2013, serving as Evolv’s Head of Corporate Development since that time. Prior to co-founding Evolv, Mr.Chitkara was the Senior Vice President, Market Development for Oco, Inc., a business analytics software provider that was subsequently acquired by Deloitte, from January 2007 to June 2011. Prior to joining Oco, Inc., Mr. Chitkara was the Vice President of Parametric Technology Corporation, a company currently offering a variety of augmented reality, industrial IoT, PLM and CAD solutions, from May 2001 to January 2007. Mr. Chitkara received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Boston University in 1989 and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in 1994.

Michael Ellenbogen

Head of Advanced Technology and Director

Michael Ellenbogen co-founded Evolv with Anil R. Chitkara in July 2013 and has been Evolv’s Head of Advanced Technology since January 2020. Prior to assuming his current role at Evolv, Mr. Ellenbogen served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from August 2013 to January 2020. Prior to co-founding Evolv, Mr. Ellenbogen was the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Reveal Imaging Technologies, an X-ray imaging systems company focusing on automated explosives detection, from 2002 to 2010. Prior to joining Reveal, Mr. Ellenbogen was the Vice President of Research & Development and Business Development of PerkinElmer Detection Systems, a provider of X-ray-based security technologies, from 1994 to 2002. During his 25 plus year career in the security industry, Mr. Ellenbogen has proven his expertise in product and business development, as well as stakeholder value creation. In addition, Mr. Ellenbogen is an inventor with 19 awarded patents. Mr. Ellenbogen received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Colgate University in 1986.

Peter Faubert

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Faubert has been Evolv’s Chief Financial Officer since October 2019. Prior to Evolv, Mr. Faubert served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of SeaChange International, Inc. from July 7, 2016 to October 8, 2019, and from February 25, 2019 to April4, 2019, served in the Office of the CEO. Mr. Faubert served as Chief Financial Officer of This Technology, Inc. from December 2013 to August 2015 when This Technology was acquired by Comcast Corporation. Prior to This Technology, Mr. Faubert served as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Vision Government Solutions, Inc. from October 2012 to December 2013. Mr. Faubert currently serves on the Board of Directors of Aware, Inc. (NASDAQ: AWRE), a leading identity verification and management solutions provider, and has served on its Audit Committee since March 2020 (and was named Chairman of the Audit Committee in June 2020) and its Nominating Committee since February 2021. Mr. Faubert received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Accounting from Northeastern University in 1997.